The Creativity Canvas (TCC) is run by Melissa Underwood. Melissa is a self taught artist with qualifications as a mother craft nurse, early childhood educator and transpersonal arts therapist.  She has worked in the early childhood field for over 2 decades in various roles from mother and baby units to long day care management as an acting director, 2IC, educational leader and senior educator. 

Melissa has extensive experience educating, supporting and guiding children and families from refugee, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, those with additional needs and those facing life challenges and trauma, loss or grief.  At age 21, Melissa suffered two mini strokes and 2 massive pulmonary embolism's and was  diagnosed with Lupus Antiphospholipid Syndrome.  Living with this condition for the past 25 years has gifted Melissa with a greater sense of empathy for the life challenges a chronic illness and disability can bring to an individual and their family. 

 Melissa has utilized art therapy in early childhood education for over 9 years with a particular focus on sandplay therapy.  Her art therapy experience also includes working with the Art Therapy Studio at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre where she completed her art therapy training and later worked as a volunteer with patients, their families and members of staff.  Client profiles included those with ABI (Acquired Brain Injury), neurological issues and brain disorders, both organic and acquired. 

Melissa works in all art mediums and enjoys exploring all styles of art.  She is an active member of many art groups, and registered with the Australian Counselling Association.  Melissa is also the artist behind the Phoenix Cups  developed by psychologist and early childhood consultant Sandi Phoenix and the artist and writer behind the Artful Educators inspiration and discussion cards. 

Melissa currently works at One World for Children in Geelong as the Arts Program Coordinator and resident arts therapist. 

Melissa would like to doppelganger herself at least 4 times in order to find more time for everything she would like to do. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and resides in the leafy suburb of Greensborough in Melbourne, Australia with her 2 dogs Basil, a 16yo King Charles Cavalier and Charlie an 11yo Puggalier.


I use art to explore that which words cannot often convey; the shadows buried deep within and the light that shines in us all.

Overcoming the fear of being judged, criticized and not being seen as good enough is something many people feel when it comes to creating and sharing artwork.  Through challenging these fears and connecting with others, a whole new world of creativity, inspiration and friendships can be opened up for all.  I love creating and sharing art that is spiritual, intuitive, emotional, whimsical, fun and enjoyable.  I am passionate about guiding and supporting early childhood educators to reflect on, explore, develop and extend their creative arts pedagogy in fun and enjoyable ways that will improve their art practices with children.

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